Photo Research-23rd February

After carrying out some research, I came across these interesting pieces of work, which I liked because not only did they incorporate photography, but they create an abstract piece of art at the same time.

I plan to work onto photo’s; damaging them and then I will be posting the results soon. As well as this, I feel that it would be really interesting to take some images in the same sort of style as the artist above. As I have previously mentioned in the last blog, I recently took some images of my toilet at home and I felt that the idea of capturing everyday objects in a different light is really interesting to me and bringing that idea back to the idea of distortion. I want to try and portray the ordinary as something beautiful.

In the work above, I also like how all of the objects are colour- coordinated, as it looks visually and aesthetically -pleasing to the eye. After looking at this image, I went to to study some artists, who combine photography and painting. I also am considering stitching into photos.

The series of photographs below was created for an Italian refuse management company. The requirement of the client, in this case, was to educate the public about the use of domestic compost as a fertilizer for their own land. The core idea was to present organic refuse as a work of art and not as something repugnant.

The theme of the work can also be found in the copy entitled ‘The Art of Making Compost’. The pictures were shot using entirely natural light. I really love these photos, as they really capture the idea of distortion and the photo itself creates an image, which is stuck in a motion forever; distorted and warped. I have recently been letting some fruit rot at home, as I think it would be really interesting to try and capture the beauty in decay.



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