Preparing for exhibition- May 17th

In preparation for the exhibition, which will be showcasing all of our work, we have been getting the classroom in order. As you can see in the images below, we had to lift up boards and fix them into place, which took about two days to construct. We then went onto filling and sanding the walls before painting them.




Once we had just about sorted everything out, we then were able to start putting up our work and as you can see in the picture above, I have just arrived to college with my final piece and am unwrapping it.


Outdoor Shoot- 16th May

I recently decided to take some pictures of my good friend, who is a model, as I felt that i would be able to gain some valuable experience seeing as I haven’t had much chance to shoot people in the outdoors. I particularly like the visual look of sepia effects and photographs, which have a Polaroid- style effect to them and so, I decided I would try and echo the images below of Lana Del Rey ( a singer, who is often styled in classy 60s-inspired dresses, 70s style sweaters and skinny jeans.

As you can see, I have inserted images of the final outcome below and overall, I was pleased with the results and I would say that the top photo is my personal favourite. The images also tie- in with my theme of distortion; Ebony appears to be confused and startled amongst the blurred background, which instigates a sense of movement.



I like the fact that this image has a blurred effect to it; strongly reminds me of a photo from the 80’s at a festival. The greenery in the background with the subtle hints of purple are visually pleasing. 


I like the fact that Ebony is looking away from the camera, the branch protruding from the bottom middle of the photo adds interest to the picture as a whole. 


Photo Studio- 17th April

As my friend is an extra in some tv programmes, she was due to have her portfolio re- done and so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to watch the process, so that I could gain a better understanding of a photoshoot. The photoshoot took place at EKA models in Warrington, and is an agency for adult and child modelling as well as acting/extras.

As you can see in the image, there was a variety of different backdrops as well as lots of lighting. The photo’s were taken at a fast pace and the photographer gave out lots of direction for how the model should pose and stand. Although I do not want to be a photographer working like this, I found the experience to be insightful and it helped me understand how a photoshoot runs efficiently within the professional industry.


Artist Research/ Scale of Work – 14th April

As we draw nearer the final stages of creating our final pieces, I have been thinking about the sizing of my work and the costings, which will be involved with buying all of the tools, which are necessary for completing my piece.

I began by thinking about the kind of impact, which I want to create, when people look at my final piece and so I began by looking into the idea of “How Scale in Art Influences the Viewing Experience”. I discovered from my research, that scale does not actually represent the size of something, but it is more about the size of an object in relation to another.

After recently getting the chance to visit The Tate Modern in London, I got the chance the witness the use of Scale and the impact it personally has on me. Firstly, I cam across the piece of artwork, which is pictured below by Magdalena Abakanowicz, a Polish sculptor, who just recently passed away. I felt that her work held an organic sort of feel, and I am aware that she was very much into the study of biological systems and regeneration. In response to receiving a commission in 1979, for the Venice Benalle, Abakanowicz began to create lots of these soft shapes, which were compared to ‘rounded like bellies, or elongated like mummies”.

I feel that the picture below does not justify the grand scale of the piece as a whole, however when I walked into this exhibit, the concept of the sublime immediately came to mind; I felt overwhelmed and insignificant. When I create my final piece, I want the onlooker to feel dwarfed by the scale of my work.

Contrarily, I would agree that small- scale work can also be just as effective as bigger -scale work, however I have personally never got the chance to go above A1, and so I feel that the Foundation provides me with the perfect opportunity to be brave with size.

After deciding upon my size, I have begun to look at the different types of board, which would be suitable for painting onto and a primer, which would make my painting application easier.

Below, I have created a list of things, which I need to purchase in preparation for my final piece and the estimated cost of the different materials.

  • Winsor & Newton Artists’ Acrylic White Gesso – £8.40
  • Board- £15
  • Paintbrush- £2.59
  • White Oil Paint-2.00

Total approximate cost=27.99


Image for Catalogue- 22nd April


As part of FAD, we are creating a catalogue of everybody’s work, so that as part of the final exhibition, there will be a way of getting in touch with everybody, if someone for example is interested in a student’s work. I haven’t definitely chosen the image above however my USB stick broke as I was taking the photo’s from it and so, this was the only image I managed to recover unfortunately. I will be trying to recover the rest of my photo’s later on today, so that I can edit them to their full potential and quality.

Man Met Interview – 15th March

I recently went for an interview for Manchester Metropolitan, which I was extremely apprehensive about as it is my first choice.I was aware of the low acceptance rates, due to the high number of applicants and so I would say that this made me even more fearful. I turned up for the interview at 1:30, where I took a seat along with around twenty other people. The teachers, who ran the Fine Art course introduced themselves and began by saying that they interview eight-hundred people and only eighty people are accepted onto the course, shortly before being taken on a tour around the studios and the facilities available for students. I was impressed with the facilities and the architecture of the newly -renovated area and overall, I got a good vibe from the place; the same goes for the city, which I could see myself living in.

After we had finished the tour, we were given a set time for our interview and I was the first to have mine. I was taken into a room, where my portfolio had been laid out for me. My interview lasted for around twenty minutes, and I would say that I answered all of the questions with a good and mature response however, I did feel intimidated by my interviewee, as I couldn’t tell whether he was impressed by my work. Looking at the interview in a positive way, I enjoyed the interview and hope to be receiving some form of reply this week and furthermore, I feel that the interview has given me valuable experience for later life.

Tutorial Feedback- 14th March

In preparation for my upcoming interview at Man Met, I spoke with my Fine Art teacher Sally, who assisted me with preparing my portfolio. I told Sally that I was worried about the layout of my portfolio and the order it should go in. Sally advised me that I should remove my A-Level work, as she felt that I had progressed greatly since then. We discussed a few different ideas and pointers, which I have listed below:

  • Building portfolio in preparation for Interview
  • Placing a strong piece of work at the front of my portfolio (painting on board) and recent pieces of strong work, which tie in with FMP at the back.
  • Research the artists Kandinsky, who is influenced greatly by music, when he paints. Hues/colours abstraction etc.
  • FMP includes movement and sound images on distortion, experiment with the idea of a sound activity, influenced by Kandinsky

I also went to reprographics, where I ordered some of my recent work to be printed, which I also payed for as well as receiving a receipt. Overall, I felt that Sally’s feedback was extremely helpful, as I felt that she had a good idea about how my portfolio was to be presented and laid out.