Evaluation- 4th June


The theme for my project is based around the idea of looking at distortion and is centred around the title “The Warped Ordinary”. I wanted to investigate distortion in a variety of different ways, by working with a variety of medias; focusing in on different subjects. I began to immediately gather my research together, as I became more engrossed in my practise and the final outcome of the last unit.

I feel that the most appropriate form of research for myself is to take photos, as it helps me to stimulate my ideas and grow on the foundations, which I originally set down. I decided to take a variety of images, which were experimental and I feel that this encouraged me to think more about why the running theme of distortion is important to me, when it’s linked to identity. I like the idea that a photo can ‘speak a thousand words’, yet it doesn’t necessarily represent truth and can often be deceiving. Furthermore, I have always been intrigued by portraits of people, as I feel that you can really get to know a person, just by looking into their eyes, which in itself creates a sense of intimacy.

Thinking about distortion in literal terms, I wanted to embody a different style into my painting; a style that represents all of the images, which I have taken as part of my FMP, which express the movement, which I captured. In addition, I knew that my initial ideas would morph and form into something different, but I always made sure to keep the idea of “The Warped Ordinary” in my mind. I knew that it would be essential to research a variety of different artists to help me form a clarified vision of my final piece and so I looked at a wide variety of different artists such as Bryan Charnley, Elly Smallwood and Tomoko Sawada. Each artist inspired me in different ways and helped me to develop my research and to think more about what my final outcome would represent.

I mentioned in my proposal that I didn’t want my method of working to be solely based on painting, and I definitely followed through with that statement by stepping outside of my comfort zone. In the past, I have often shied away from working on a big scale, and the outcome never seemed to satisfy me, but despite these issues, I was determined to work on an unprecedented scale and create a piece, which would stand out because of its size. I have often painted self-portraits in the past and for my final piece, I wanted my painting to express a sense of openness; the size of the subject’s face, overshadowing the reality of it’s actual scale and creating something which not only feels overwhelming to myself but to everyone else. In conclusion, I am pleased with my final piece and I hope that other people are going to be interested in looking at it when it is displayed in the end of year exhibition. Furthermore, I feel that the end product signifies the start of what I set out to achieve and I am satisfied that I have fulfilled a piece which represents me as a painter. Not only that, but the Art and Design Foundation has helped me to improve the way in which I work but more importantly, it has helped me to become braver.


Final Piece Update – 10th May


I have been continuing with my final Piece and as I mentioned in the last post, I have been making good progress. 

As you can see, the images above show my previous development, which continues to the images below. I feel that the tones to the painting are merging well together and I recently decided to add the colour green, which I personally think adds definition to the subject.

Throughout my work, I have been constantly thinking about the different Artists, which I have recently been studying such as Elly Smallwood, and I have been making sure that my work is in some ways conjunctive with their styles without echoing their work too much. Furthermore, I feel that it has been important for me to keep other Artist’s in mind as it encourages me to be more open with my palette and brush movements. 

As you can see in the image below, you may be able to see that there is are some lines from where the paint had ran down the board, which seems to add interest to the painting on a bigger scale.


I was also faced with the problem of the sun shining onto my board, however I think the image below works well as the light is only highlighting certain aspects of the painting, which I think creates a visually interesting photograph. Overall, I feel that this piece still has a long way to go before it reaches it’s completion, but I want to carry on with the direction, which I have so far taken. 



Final Piece Update- 9th May

I am reaching the final stages of my piece, which is so far progressing well. I have been capturing each stage of my painting using my camera, which I may put together to create a time lapse, however I feel that there may be some problems as I didn’t take enough photos to create a long enough video. Due to the scale of my Final Piece, I have been unable to bring it to college and so I have been working from home quite a lot recently.

Along with working on my final piece, I have also been studying a variety of contemporary and past artists, as I want to continue developing my understanding of different methods of practice.

To conclude, I feel that I am managing my time efficiently and I feel that if I keep up the pace, everything will be completed by the deadline.

8ft x 4ft Oil Painting/Final Piece- 1st May

I have recently begun work on my final piece, which has so far turned out fairly well. As you can see in the first image, I had already completed the preparation for my board, which I have discussed in a blog post prior.

I began with the eyes, as I feel that they are the most important feature of the image I am painting and require a higher level of detail. If you look closely, you can also see that I had faintly marked out the outline of my Dad’s face, to make the painting process much easier.


I decided that Oil Paint would be the best form of paint for me to use, as I have the most experience using it and so, I knew that there would be a smaller chance of me having issues with blending and layering the paint. As you can see in the image below, I was keen to make sure that I incorporated a wide range of pastel/nude tones, as I felt that these colours add a certain level of interest to the painting, due to the fact that they don’t necessarily go accordingly with the colours from the actual image of the picture, which I had taken of my Dad.

I like that the colours do not match the picture and that I have taken on a more sporadical method of applying my paint, as I want my painting to serve a different purpose, rather than just echoing a picture; I wanted to create a sense of movement and dynamism and that is why I might choose to leave areas of the board unpainted.



As you can see, I have been recording the progress of my painting and I feel that it is important to capture the profession of the start to the end. Also, I did mention to Sally, that I would be producing a non-stop time lapse, which could be included in the final show, however I didn’t think I would be able to fit such a long video onto my memory card and so, I have decided to take lots of images instead, which will hopefully work together as a slideshow.

Yacht Varnish/Priming – 26th April


I have begun preparation for my Final Piece, and as you can see in the image above, the scale of my piece is considerably big and I have already been challenged with some issues.

As you may also notice, I am holding a can of varnish, which is pictured below, which I applied onto my board. Unfortunately though, the finish, which the varnish gave was visually not pleasing and I also felt that it just did not seem to make a difference to the feel of the board; as though the varnish had not effectively worked as a filler.


After I had applied the ‘quick dry varnish’, I decided to go back to wilkinson’s and purchase the ‘clear, satin yacht varnish’, which I then applied to the other side of the board. Overall, the yacht varnish worked well and when I look back at the start of my project, I should have initially bought the yacht varnish instead of being impatient and opting for the ‘quick dry’.



“The Warped Ordinary” Proposal/Final Draft -25th April

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have been working on my proposal and coming up with a plan, according to my FMP. I have had a few discussions with Sally about how it’s going, and I have reached the stage, of it being completed.

As you can see, I have attached an image of the document below, and I feel satisfied with my final draft.