Evaluation- 4th June


The theme for my project is based around the idea of looking at distortion and is centred around the title “The Warped Ordinary”. I wanted to investigate distortion in a variety of different ways, by working with a variety of medias; focusing in on different subjects. I began to immediately gather my research together, as I became more engrossed in my practise and the final outcome of the last unit.

I feel that the most appropriate form of research for myself is to take photos, as it helps me to stimulate my ideas and grow on the foundations, which I originally set down. I decided to take a variety of images, which were experimental and I feel that this encouraged me to think more about why the running theme of distortion is important to me, when it’s linked to identity. I like the idea that a photo can ‘speak a thousand words’, yet it doesn’t necessarily represent truth and can often be deceiving. Furthermore, I have always been intrigued by portraits of people, as I feel that you can really get to know a person, just by looking into their eyes, which in itself creates a sense of intimacy.

Thinking about distortion in literal terms, I wanted to embody a different style into my painting; a style that represents all of the images, which I have taken as part of my FMP, which express the movement, which I captured. In addition, I knew that my initial ideas would morph and form into something different, but I always made sure to keep the idea of “The Warped Ordinary” in my mind. I knew that it would be essential to research a variety of different artists to help me form a clarified vision of my final piece and so I looked at a wide variety of different artists such as Bryan Charnley, Elly Smallwood and Tomoko Sawada. Each artist inspired me in different ways and helped me to develop my research and to think more about what my final outcome would represent.

I mentioned in my proposal that I didn’t want my method of working to be solely based on painting, and I definitely followed through with that statement by stepping outside of my comfort zone. In the past, I have often shied away from working on a big scale, and the outcome never seemed to satisfy me, but despite these issues, I was determined to work on an unprecedented scale and create a piece, which would stand out because of its size. I have often painted self-portraits in the past and for my final piece, I wanted my painting to express a sense of openness; the size of the subject’s face, overshadowing the reality of it’s actual scale and creating something which not only feels overwhelming to myself but to everyone else. In conclusion, I am pleased with my final piece and I hope that other people are going to be interested in looking at it when it is displayed in the end of year exhibition. Furthermore, I feel that the end product signifies the start of what I set out to achieve and I am satisfied that I have fulfilled a piece which represents me as a painter. Not only that, but the Art and Design Foundation has helped me to improve the way in which I work but more importantly, it has helped me to become braver.


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