Transporting Final Piece- 19th May

As you can see in the images above, I recently transported my completed final piece to college in preparation for the exhibition. As I have previously mentioned, my piece measures 8ftx4ft, and so I had to borrow a pick-up truck to move it.

I firstly began by wrapping up my painting, so that it would be less likely to get damaged during transportation. The journey from my house to college is around a twenty minute drive, so there was the risk of it getting damaged or flying off the back off the truck, and so I made sure that everything was securely held down by placing heavy, metal plinths over it.

As I arrived to college, I asked some fellow students to come and assist me in carrying my piece up the four flights of stairs, which was admittedly hard work. Overall, I would say that the transport process went well and I am relieved to have gotten everything into its final order.

As you can see in the image above, I was considering adding a sort of time lapse, using a series of different photos which demonstrate the progression of my work. However, after having difficulties with printing, I am unsure about whether I will include the time lapse .

As you can see in the image above, my piece is going to be exhibited in the position it has been placed in the photo.


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