Whitworth Art Gallery/ The Lowry 29th April

I recently visited the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, where the work of Barbara Brown was being exhibited. Despite my work not really relating to the concept/idea of surface pattern, I still loved looking at her work and it made me think about the set of images, which I originally took in The Tate a few months ago, when I was experimenting, using a longer shutter speed.

I really like the bold patterns of Barbara Brown and her work undeniably reminds me of wallpaper. As you can see, I have uploaded the images repeatedly, as I feel that this effect helps to get a feel of the pattern and how bold and effective it is.

I also noticed that Barbara tends to use colour schemes and pieces the different selections together depending on their colours. Personally, I thought that the pieces of work below where the best due to the size of them put together in the gallery.


Unusually, I’m not drawn to browns, however the pattern below had a retro- type feel to it and it strongly reminded me of an optical illusion.

After I had been to the Whitworth, I decided to go and visit The Lowry, as I have always had a liking for Lowry since I heard the song about him called ‘Matchstick Cats and Dogs’. Furthermore, I love how Lowry manages to capture the variety of different characters within his work, which for me creates a certain sense of humour. The images below; I managed to take just before I got told to stop taking photo’s as pictures were actually prohibited.


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