Elly Smallwood- 24th April

Once again, I have been thinking about the different styles of painting and I decided that I would make some more in-depth research on the artist called Elly Smallwood. I have been following her progression for quite some time now and I think her work is amazing and am most drawn to the choices of fleshy tones, which she uses.

I am particularly interested in her earlier work from 2014/15, and as as you can see below, she is really bold with her brush strokes and the untamed yet ever- so carefully positioned black lines seem to add a sense of anguish for me personally

Below is a more recent piece from late 2015, and I feel that the texture of the piece adds more intrigue to the painting on a whole. I like the fact that her work is so detailed yet the brush stroke movements appear to be impulsive and spontaneous. Furthermore, I feel that her work is relevant to my subject and I feel that she does a great job of creating a feeling of distortion and manipulation through her style.

elly smallwood 4[4]

Below, are some images of my own work, which embodies a more impulsive technique.


Picture quality not great.


Pleased with this outcome. I rather like the fact that the eyes appear to be red, as I feel that it adds a sense of sadness and I love it when the subject appears to be looking at you.



The painting above has more reddy tones to it, I like the tears, which I decided to add for effect. Furthermore, I like that I didn’t paint all of the skin out, as I feel it adds a sense of intrigue and brings more attention to the eyes and  the other focal facial features.


In this painting I decided to draw in the facial features almost twice. so that they overlap each other; I feel this creates a sort of illusion, similar to a hologram.


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