Reflection with Fine Art Teacher- 5th April

I spoke with Sally about my progress in the final stages of FAD.

After looking through my blog, I believe it was going well overall and we began to talk about a possible final piece outcome and different ideas, which might help me to work up the last stages.

As I have been recently studying a variety of different time lapses, we talked about what my time lapses might include and I also mentioned that I wanted to be more experimental with my painting technique after having the chance to grow within my practise throughout my time of carrying out the Foundation at Blackburn College.

Furthermore, we also talked about how music might reflect my work after studying Kadinsky, and that made me think about how I might choose to incorporate sound into my time lapse videos or the music, which might influence my style of painting.


Sally also gave me some acetate, which I might use to overlay onto my paintings, which would follow on from my initial photographs from the Tate Museum in London; the idea of the movement and dynamism of light- flow captured, using a slow shutter- speed. Lastly, we talked about the scale of my work, and I am yet to think about what size my final piece will be, until I have progressed on throughout my development. Overall, this discussion helped me to move forward with my way of thinking and I am going to ensure that I put all of the things we talked about into action.


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