Technique Improvement- 4th April

I have recently been thinking about how I can improve my painting technique, and as I have made time lapses myself in the past, I thought it might be a good idea to look at the way other people paint, using a variety of medias. Firstly, I watched a video of someone painting the Vermeer, which I found to be insightful, and I liked the selection of tones and the smooth application of the paint.

After I had seen the first clip, I thought about ways in which I could experiment with style, and saw the video above of a really bold portrait. In my own painting, I want to capture the emotion, which the artist manages to create in this piece.

Furthermore, I am also going to be making my own time- lapse and so I want to gain a wider understanding of how they can be executed well, with using the right equipment. As I have also mentioned previously, I want to consider the idea of sound and how it influences the Art, which I make. For example, if I was to listen to rock music; would my expression become more loose?


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