Film Photography- 3rd April

As my FMP follows the idea of distortion and warping reality, I have been really trying to explore what the face represents and how, shapes can affect the way we look at a person. I decided to go into Blackburn and capture some portraits of a variety of different people. Not only did I want to make sure that the images expressed a sense of diversity,  but I wanted to see some sort of expression from the people and that’s why I asked each individual to look into the camera, as I shot the images.

I have recently been looking at a variety of Artists, who deface people and other aspects of everyday life and I came across the artist below, who paints onto photographs and transforms each person in the image into an animal. Personally, I think they work effectively.Image result for artist who paint onto photos

As you can see, I created the pieces below, as I wanted the onlooker to think about other aspects of a person other than their face, I took some acetate and layered it onto the photos, which I think works quite well. Furthermore, I feel that the shiny glaze adds to the concept of a mask, however if I was to make any changes to the images, I would leave the eyes and the mouth uncovered so that there is more ambiguity to the work.


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