Distorting Identity- 3rd April

As you can see in the images below, I have been distorting the face of the subject in some of my 35mm film photographs, as I want to try and challenge what other aspects of a character might also represent; it gives the onlooker more of a chance to focus on other areas of the person.

In the first image, I drew a black, circle onto the whole of the face. I’m not sure if it has quite worked, as I feel that it might have been more interesting if I was to have left the eyes, mouth and nose uncovered, so that it draws one more into the whole of the picture. Personally, I feel that eyes can create a sense of intimacy between two people and so, I feel that it wold be interesting to think about that in my development.

In the second image, you can see that I have attempted to paint a face onto the black, circle overlay. I like this effect, as it makes one wonder whether the man in the picture resembles the face, which I have painted and so, this adds a sense of intrigue.





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