Feedback from Peter- 28th March

I recently spoke to Peter about my current work, and he advised me with a few different things. Peter began by looking through my work, and he liked the collages, which I have recently been working on. After looking at my work, he came up with some artists, which I could have a look at to influence me. He then showed me some photo- realistic work by Chuck Close, which I have recently been studying after watching an interesting documentary about his career after he suffered from prosopagnosia.

I found the documentary to be insightful and it definitely made me feel motivated to try painting in a different way. I have recently been experimenting with acetate and over- laying drawings onto it, as you can see below. I like this concept and would like to develop it onto incorporating colours.


Furthermore, after taking the idea of partially covering portraits, to create a dramatic effect, I recently tried experimenting with acrylic paints and photographs, as you can see below. I purposely created smudges, to create subtle gestures of facial features, which I feel has worked really effectively. I also like the array of colours against the black and white photograph.

Personally, when I look at this piece, I feel eager to learn more about the character in the photograph i.e. age, skin tone etc. Additionally, I am intrigued by the prospect of vandalism and distorting and manipulating an idea into something else. I am an avid reader of certain types of poetry, and the poem “Sunny Prestatyn’ by Philip Larkin strongly brought to mind an idea, which is similar to the concept of corrupting photographs.


The poem expresses the idea of a poster advertisement for a holiday resort, which was once “sunny” and great, however over time, the place becomes distorted from the ideals of what one might expect, when one visualises a seaside, tourist attraction. But if the reader reads between the lines, the poster of the girl, was “slapped up” and the poem takes a dark turn as we think of abuse and women being degraded in society.


In my own work, I want people to “read between the lines” and gather a deeper meaning from what is just straight in front of them.


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