Man Met Interview – 15th March

I recently went for an interview for Manchester Metropolitan, which I was extremely apprehensive about as it is my first choice.I was aware of the low acceptance rates, due to the high number of applicants and so I would say that this made me even more fearful. I turned up for the interview at 1:30, where I took a seat along with around twenty other people. The teachers, who ran the Fine Art course introduced themselves and began by saying that they interview eight-hundred people and only eighty people are accepted onto the course, shortly before being taken on a tour around the studios and the facilities available for students. I was impressed with the facilities and the architecture of the newly -renovated area and overall, I got a good vibe from the place; the same goes for the city, which I could see myself living in.

After we had finished the tour, we were given a set time for our interview and I was the first to have mine. I was taken into a room, where my portfolio had been laid out for me. My interview lasted for around twenty minutes, and I would say that I answered all of the questions with a good and mature response however, I did feel intimidated by my interviewee, as I couldn’t tell whether he was impressed by my work. Looking at the interview in a positive way, I enjoyed the interview and hope to be receiving some form of reply this week and furthermore, I feel that the interview has given me valuable experience for later life.


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