Tutorial Feedback- 14th March

In preparation for my upcoming interview at Man Met, I spoke with my Fine Art teacher Sally, who assisted me with preparing my portfolio. I told Sally that I was worried about the layout of my portfolio and the order it should go in. Sally advised me that I should remove my A-Level work, as she felt that I had progressed greatly since then. We discussed a few different ideas and pointers, which I have listed below:

  • Building portfolio in preparation for Interview
  • Placing a strong piece of work at the front of my portfolio (painting on board) and recent pieces of strong work, which tie in with FMP at the back.
  • Research the artists Kandinsky, who is influenced greatly by music, when he paints. Hues/colours abstraction etc.
  • FMP includes movement and sound images on distortion, experiment with the idea of a sound activity, influenced by Kandinsky

I also went to reprographics, where I ordered some of my recent work to be printed, which I also payed for as well as receiving a receipt. Overall, I felt that Sally’s feedback was extremely helpful, as I felt that she had a good idea about how my portfolio was to be presented and laid out.


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