Watercolour Experimentation-9th March

As you can see below, I have been working on something, which has been inspired by the images, which I took of a piece, which stood out to me at the Tate Modern in London. I wouldn’t usually choose to use watercolour, however I decided to step out of my comfort zone and put together some collages, which hopefully will inspire me to create some bigger pieces as part of the final piece.


In the image below, I have tried to interpret the movement from my images, to create an abstract and contemporary- style piece of work. I have come to a realisation after the previous project, that I need to be more experimental with my work, and try and create pieces of Art, which are more fitting with what you might call modern art.


I created this composition by tearing up my paintings and layering them onto another piece of paper, to get a very loose and expressive outcome. 


Personally, I can definitely see the themes of distortion coming through in these pieces of work, as they are a product of an original piece of Artwork before being manipulated and distorted by myself.


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