Image Experimentation Continued/Primary Research- 14th February


I have been continuing experimentation with capturing images and above, I have attached an image, which I thought turned out well by manipulating the light exposure when taking the photo. I want to try and focus on lots of different colours, as I feel that it would be really interesting to try and capture very vibrant colours similar to the photographer, who captured the black milk series for the Vice Magazine, which I have talked about in a previous blog. I am aware that colour white isn’t exactly contrasting, but I just thought that the images that I recently took, which were all white had something interesting about them, once you begin to get an idea of what the objects in the photo actually are. For example, the image above is of a toilet basin.


I think that the white could be more vibrant and white, if I was to edit it, however I like the fact that this image seems so static and almost peaceful despite the running water.


I also feel that this image could be more exposed, but I do like the movement displayed by the dripping water.


Recently, I have also been experimenting with shadows, and the idea of a shadow creating the illusion, which could represent another being. As you can see below, I tried to capture a shadow of my hand; i’d say the image to the right is okay.

I then went onto focusing more on just the shadows of my hand, which began to turn into something that wasn’t just a suggestion of my own hand, which I found quite interesting.


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