Image Experimentation 13th February

I have recently been experimenting with shutter speeds and as you can see below, I achieved to capture some interesting and peculiar self- portraits, which I might go on to paint as part of my final major project. Although, after coming to the end of Unit 5, I have had some time to think about the work, which I have been producing and I have decided that I want to focus more on the photography side of things, as it is something I am passionate about and believe that I have been spending too much time studying the drawing and painting side of things.

Andy Warhol, is one of my favourite photographers, because I simply love his double exposure self- portraits as you can see below. The idea that the face grows more blurred as the series of images continue, really interests me.



Love this image of myself, as the way in which, the composition of my face turned out is really interesting and quirky.


I like the sepia effect, which my camera created for this image. Picture itself also shows some interesting movement.


I like the head movement displayed in this image, however not so keen on it as I feel like more of the facial features could be more focused. The white bar on the side of the image does add interest.


I like the fact that my face looks really deformed, and in some ways it’s definitely disturbing and that’s what makes it interesting.

I also want the opportunity to explore capturing some scenery, as well as portraits, as l feel that it would be really valuable to grow as a photographer in a variety of areas. Below are some pictures, which hopefully should capture dynamism and the movement of the individual in the image.

I prefer the set of two photos below, as they both create a suggestion of movement and the focal object appears to move away.


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